DEGAROUTE®: standing the test of time

Röhm has been a pioneer in the road marking industry for 50 years.

In the 1960s, Röhm invented cold plastic road marking solutions based on its expertise in methacrylate chemistry. We have continued to provide innovations for the road marking industry ever since. Since the widespread use of cold spray plastic road markings started in the 1980s, road markings based on DEGAROUTE® are still the most modern road marking solution available today.

The DEGAROUTE® system portfolio offers solutions for a variety of applications, including flat, structure, profile and area markings.

Due to its high versatility and high tolerance of different climactic conditions, DEGAROUTE® can be used in any traffic situation worldwide. Manufactured in Germany, DEGAROUTE® maintains offices on all five continents to ensure customized, local consultation and service for any road marking need.

Highly dedicated specialists from all over the world work together at Röhm to create the best road marking solution of its time, providing an efficient and sustainable future of traffic.