Stay on the right path with DEGAROUTE® based structure markings

Increasing visibility at night and during severe weather conditions is the main goal of DEGAROUTE® based structure road markings. Röhm's premier safety marking works perfectly when drivers need guidance the most.

Other markings may reflect headlights in the dark. However, when it rains, embedded glass beads in flat markings are covered with water and lose their reflective function. Thanks to their three-dimensional structure, the highest patterns of DEGAROUTE® structure markings with additional beads on top, are still visible. The agglomerate structure allows for excellent water drainage and produces a subtle audible warning when driving across, for even better guidance for drivers.

Besides its visibility, structure road markings based on DEGAROUTE® cold plastic are highly durable. These markings withstand extreme temperatures, heavy traffic loads and snow plows for years, without losing their visibility.

Success story – Structure markings making the way

More than 26,000 heavy vehicles travel on Anchieta Highway everyday, transporting freight between São Paulo and the largest port of Latin America in Santos, Brazil.

Since the main route consists of many sharp curves, safety is an important and equally challenging issue.

The road marking material needed to be resource efficient and durable, while significantly contributing to the road's safety. Ecovias, the highway's concession company, decided to apply structured road markings based on DEGAROUTE®. Their intention was to increase the visibility during rainfall, while at the same time contributing to environmental preservation through the long service life of the marking. In 2007, structured markings were applied on 14,000 m² of the road's surface and additional stop bars were extruded to reduce the speed of vehicles.