DEGAROUTE® - Providing solution for all road projects

Traffic all around the world is getting more and more complex. This requires new solutions for safety on the roads. DEGAROUTE® based road markings contribute to innovative guidance systems which enhance safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

When compared to conventional markings, such as thermoplastic and solvent- or water-based markings, road markings based on DEGAROUTE® resins have clear advantages.

The benefits of methacrylate based cold plastic road markings are:

  • Durability - abrasion resistant at high or low temperatures
  • Superior visual and audible properties, even during rain or at night
  • Rapid application with short curing times resource efficient
  • Worldwide availability consistent quality high versatility

Especially in busy areas, extended road closures increase delays in traffic, pose high security risks and lead to higher CO2 emissions. DEGAROUTE® does not require any heating prior to application and the cure time is typically under 30 minutes. This contributes to faster applications and shorter traffic interruptions.