A durable way to crash reductions

Area markings decrease the number of accidents at intersections in Colorado’s capital.

In July 2011, DEGAROUTE® based area markings were applied to three busy intersections in Denver, Colorado. A DEGAROUTE® one-layer system with a thickness of approximately 2.5 mm (100 mils) and a total area of 4,750 ft² (441 m²), was applied using hand rollers. Additionally, white accent stripes with reflective beads along the edges were applied to increase the visibility of the crosswalks.

Based on prior experience with other projects, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) decided to use durable cold plastic based markings for three bright red crosswalks. Back in 2008, red crosswalks, marked with an epoxy based system and thermoplastic accent stripes, were applied to the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Louisiana Avenue, one of the busiest roads in Colorado. Since then the number of pedestrian vs. vehicle accidents has decreased from two people per year to one person within three years. CDOT expects a similar development for statistics regarding the newly applied cold plastic crosswalks.