Road accident reduction through modern safety markings

Road markings play a decisive role in road safety by guiding traffic and by reducing risks when being applied on the road.

Due to their structure, road markings based on DEGAROUTE® provide the advantage of a significantly higher wet-night visibility than other systems. As the risk of accidents is significantly higher at night, DEGAROUTE® systems contribute to increased traffic safety.

Since DEGAROUTE® based markings require a shorter curing time than other systems, the dangers that are typically present during the application process are drastically reduced.

The UN has identified the need for action and has launched “The Decade of Action for Road Safety”. The Decade of Action is an opportunity to make traffic in communities around the world safer – a commitment that DEGAROUTE® shares.

Wet night visibility and audible markings

The unique pattern of Röhm's DEGAROUTE® structured markings allows for water to flow off the lines, creating an incresed visibility of the markings at night and during rainfall. In the US, roadway departure crashes account for the majority of highway fatalities. By replacing edge and center lines with DEGAROUTE®, this statistic can significantly be reduced.

Area markings & high friction surfaces

DEGAROUTE® area markings provide a variety of safety applications that increase the skid resistant properties of the roadway. Aplications include bike/bus lanes, crosswalks, etc.

High Friction skid resistant surfaces increase roadway safety and decrease fatalities on dangerous curves, steep inclines and winding rural roads, to name a few.