Specialists working together for road safety

Through teamwork, the DEGAROUTE® team creates the best safety solutions and innovations for the road marking industry.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Employing the best people in their field, from all over the world, does not only expand the knowledge and experience for DEGAROUTE®, but also creates synergy for collaboration and future developments. Together, we are continuously striving for the best solutions and innovations in the road marking industry - and only as a team can we achieve that.

Although we are headquartered in Germany, we are represented all over the world and share a strong passion for road safety. Bringing the best specialists in their respective fields together to create a first class product is our way of doing business.

All of our departments work closely together for a safe, environmentally friendly and innovative product. From purchasing the raw materials, to the production and all the way to the delivery to customers and after sales service, every step is dedicated to achieving a high quality product. DEGAROUTE® provides solutions which contribute to the sustainability strategies of our customers and, above all, to road crash reduction.