Audible profile markings prevent distracted driving

DEGAROUTE® based cold plastic audible/profile markings are the foundation of a unique safety road marking system, proven by the longest track record of all liquid applied safety markings.

Since the mid-1980s, the raised bars which give DEGAROUTE® profile its unique structure have been increasing the visibility on the road at night and during inclement weather. Even the heaviest rainfall will not manage to cover the raised bars. When crossed by vehicles, these markings produce an audible warning, with a rumble effect felt by the driver. Thus, DEGAROUTE® based cold plastic audible/profile markings combat distracted driving in two different ways.

Success story – Profiled markings enhance traffic safety

Near the German-Polish border, local transport auhtorities decided to apply DEGAROUTE® on an intersection to improve safety at an accident blackspot.

For years, speeding and other incidents have caused numerous accidents at an intersection crossing Sacro in the German Spree-Neiße district.

After installing 1cm thick yellow cold plastic marking strips the number of accidents have been reduced from eight in 2010 to zero today. The color contrast, vibrations and noise of the profile markings all contribute to this reduction in crashes.