On the road to eco-friendliness

The eco-friendliness of road markings is acknowledged more and will become a key driver for future purchase decisions.

Various issues that have appeared on the agenda of policy makers in the past decade, like the increased awareness of climate change and its negative effects, have led to an improved comprehension of how important a preserved environment is. Thus, reducing pollution and other environmental hazards caused by increased traffic volumes has become a major concern across countries worldwide including the road marking industry. Purchasing decisions in the public sector will and should be more and more driven by a growing demand for greener products and solutions.

DEGAROUTE® based road markings are reactive systems that are considered solvent-free. They produce nearly no VOCs and do not require heat for application. Additionally, due to their higher durability, less applications are required over time, thuscontributing to resource efficiency.


As the largest global provider of methacrylate chemicals, we ensure the best values in quality and reliability for our brands. Röhm produces safely and in an environmentally protective way:

  • in approved and tested facilities
  • from approved materials
  • with certified management systems

Röhm's “integrated” management system for safety, quality and environmental protection is globally ISO-certified (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001), as well as approved and tested in certified facilities.

As a responsible company, we consider the protection of the environment and natural resources as one of the most important challenges to secure the future (USAGQ policy).

Our goal is to structure the implementation of new REACH laws as easy as possible for our customers.