Area markings –
a solution for many challenges

Changes in traffic management are placing an increased demand on road markings. DEGAROUTE® cold plastic offers a new and safer way of designing traffic areas.

The special two-component formulation provides high-quality cold plastic markings which are easy and quick to apply. Being highly adaptable to local requirements and different traffic situations, DEGAROUTE® based cold plastic area markings are the ideal solution for crosswalks, bus and bike lanes, parking areas and regions where high friction is required. Their durability and color stability make dangerous roads safer by creating visual awareness.

DEGAROUTE® based cold plastic area markings are applied manually in 6 easy steps or by automatic equipment, with a thickness of 1 to 3 mm (40 to 120 mils).

Success stories – Good examples of safety markings

Experiences from all over the world show that DEGAROUTE® based area markings achieve their goals day after day.

By increasing the visual awareness of all road users through color contrast and by providing a skid resistant surface, traffic situations become safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, DEGAROUTE® based area markings are easy to apply and adjustable to the specifications of various traffic guidance systems.