Cold spray plastic is an environmentally friendly road marking solution

Life cycle assessment: A recently conducted study shows that cold spray plastic is the most eco-friendly road marking available today in comparison to conventional paints.

Until recently, due to the lack of comprehensive environmental impact data, the environmental aspects of road markings may have been assessed improperly.

Being aware of this, Röhm GmbH, a major supplier of road marking binders has conducted a comprehensive lifecycle analysis of road marking systems based on the major technologies used in the European market.

To ensure unbiased results, data used for modeling was mostly based on official approval test certificates held by a major local manufacturer of all evaluated technologies.

Results show that the Global Warming Potential (GWP) for the various systems differ significantly, with cold spray plastic performing best. Considering the material and glass beads used, transportation, the application process, chemical emissions and disposal, the environmental impact of systems using DEGAROUTE® was considerably smaller than the lowest performing system. For instance, cold spray plastic only needs to be re-applied four times during a 10-year period, whereas solvent-borne paint requires maintenance annually. Not having to use gas burners, which is the case for the application process of sprayable thermoplastics, further reduces the emissions of Cold Spray Plastics based on DEGAROUTE®.

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