Cost-effiency is a question of time

DEGAROUTE® based Cold Plastic is one of the most long-lasting among all durable road markings also making it one of the most cost-efficient.

It’s a simple equation: The longer a road marking is in use without requiring maintenance, the lower the raw-material consumption over time and the higher the resource efficiency. This makes the longevity of the material one of the most important factors to contribute to a truly sustainable product.

With a life cycle of usually more than 3 years, DEGAROUTE® road markings are the most resource-efficient option among systems available in the market. Thanks to the high durability of the material, DEGAROUTE® markings maintian their optimal adhesion and guide traffic safely over a longer period of time than other systems do.

Furthermore, DEGAROUTE® road markings help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for grinding away old markings before re-striping. It preserves the integrity of the road surface, which makes DEGAROUTE® the right choice for every budget.