All you have to know about DEGAROUTE®

Contractors can find answers to important questions about DEGAROUTE® reactive resins and road markings based on DEGAROUTE® – from background information of Evonik’s trademark to detailed briefing on how to choose the right application equipment.

No. Evonik works with a network of approved formulators around the world to provide RTU materials for all projects.


98:2 material is sold by weight, whereas all other material is sold by volume. A recommended average when placing an order is 35:1 by volume.


DEGAROUTE® is considered a "durable" and will provide years of service under the harshest of road conditions. As a durable, DEGAROUTE® will outlast traditional traffic paint by a factor up to 8:1. Because of the versatile application methods of DEGAROUTE®, it can provide superior performance even when compared to other durables.

Confirmed by independent tests of the German Federal Road Research Institute (BASt) and the Association for the development of technologies for road equipment (AETEC) in Spain, DEGAROUTE® MMA cold plastics have been found to be far more resistant against wear than conventional markings, such as thermoplastic, water- and solvent-borne road markings.


Evonik provides assistance and guidance when determining the right product, application method and equipment for any project. From providing the contacts of leading machine manufacturers to training contractors on the correct use of the different machine types, Evonik is there every step of the way.


Depending on temperatures and formulas, DEGAROUTE® based road markings will take between 10 and 45 minutes to cure.


Evonik Industries - formerly Degussa - invented DEGAROUTE® road markings during the 1960s. Since then DEGAROUTE® road marking systems have become the preferred road marking system throughout Europe. In the 1980s they were introduced in the United Sates and continue to grow across the region.


Yes. DEGAROUTE® is one of the few road marking materials able to be surface-mounted and still provide snow plow resistance. Under extreme snow plowing DEGAROUTE® can be recessed for a longer life.


Currently legend and stencil equipment is available. Evonik is working with a number of approved equipment manufacturers to develop long line 98:2 equipment in the future. Evonik owns and can provide demo equipment in various regions, and will assist in financing the purchase of equipment.


Although no solvent should ever be added to DEGAROUTE®, acetone is the recommended solvent for cleaning parts and equipment.


For DEGAROUTE® based extrude, profile and structure road markings, 30-50 beads with a T13 coating should be used at 2,72-3,63 kg / 9,29 m2 (6-8 lbs / 100 ft2). For DEGAROUTE® based spray road markings, 18-30-50 beads with a T13 coating should be used 2,72-3,63 kg / 9,29 m2 (6-8 lbs / 100 ft2).


Three systems with different formulations are available:

4:1 systems - for profile, extrude, spray and structure road markings
98:2 systems - for extrude, spray, structure (profile/audible coming soon) and area markings
1:1 systems - for spray markings.