Retroreflectivity for intersections and legends

Excellent presence and little wear – one year after applying DEGAROUTE® based markings, representatives of the city of Santa Ana, California are still pleased with the results.

In July 2010, the city decided to use cold plastic spray markings for approximately 150 “STOP” signs and bars. Prior to this, Santa Ana had used thermoplastic “thin sets” of ca. 0.8 mm (30 mils). Since the price of thermoplastic markings has increased significantly from material shortage, authorities are now considering alternative durable systems.

As the city of Santa Ana continues to monitor and evaluate DEGAROUTE® based markings for future use, this example already shows that cold plastic markings are highly durable and cost-efficient.

CA Santa Ana 100803_2

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DEGAROUTE® for intersections and legends in Santa Ana, California