Decorative marking on a roundabout

The federal state government of Burgenland, Austria, was interested in proving the durability of an area marking with cold plastic.

For that purpose they chose a roundabout with a new asphalt surface located at a highway entrance, featuring a daily traffic volume of 15,000 vehicles.

The area marking was applied to the inner circle of 140 m² (1'506.95 ft²) manually with tooth rake, squeegee and roller. The two-layer system consists of a base coat with anti-skid material (Bauxite) and a pigmented top coat with a total thickness of 4 to 5 mm. As a result, the minimum skid resistance values of 45 PTV (SRT) units were exceeded, thus satisfying the requirements of the standards.


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Durability of area markings in an Austrian roundabout