Global Action for Road Safety

Greater road safety is a goal worldwide. If we act now, we can prevent millions of injuries and deaths caused by traffic.

The UN has acknowledged the need for action on the topic of road safety and launched the “The Decade of Action of Road Safety”. Working together with the UN, the World Health Assembly has set up the Road Safety Collaboration to coordinate international collaboration on the topic. The campaign Make Roads Safe, a broad-based coalition including public health bodies, motoring organizations, road safety NGOs and international organizations, was crucial for the initiation of the program and continues to fight for political action on traffic accidents. 

The Decade of Action is an opportunity to make communities and streets safer around the world, a commitment that DEGAROUTE® shares.

The Decade of Action for Road Safety

The UN launched the Decade of Action for Road Safety in 2011.


Make roads safe

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UN Road Safety Collaboration

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