Advocating for Road Safety - Organizations & Associations

Motor vehicle crashes are contining to claim millions of lives each year and have become the #1 cause of death in young people around the world. In an effort help reduce these fatalities, many organizations have implemented programs to help educate and raise awareness about the importance of road safety.

See what these international organizations are doing to contribute to this initiative...


United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety

The United Nations, has launched the Decade of Action for Road Safety, which will work to stabilize and then reduce the level of road traffic fatalities by half by 2020. They will be increasing activities conducted at the national, regional and global levels to acieve this goal.


World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is working in close cooperation with the United Nations to act as coordinator on road safety issues across the United Nations system.


Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC)

The TRKC helps develop guidelines and innovative tools to support the European transport policy for sustainable mobility and provides information on projects, programs and policy implications.


International Road Federation (IRF)

The IRF is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization with the mission to encourage and promote development and maintenance of better, safer and more sustainable roads and road networks.


European Commission - Mobility & Transport

Well-functioning passenger and freight links are vital for European undertakings and citizens. EU transport policies aim at fostering clean, safe and efficient travel throughout Europe, underpinning the internal market of goods and the right of citizens to travel freely throughout the EU.