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May 2017
Acoustic road markings reduce the risk of accidents (pdf, 336,89 KB)
September 2016
Bike lanes improve safety in the City of Eternal Spring (pdf, 135,95 KB)
July 2016
Resilience of road markings when exposed to winter field testing (pdf, 3,49 MB)
April 2016
Illinois tollway evaluates high performance skip line markings (pdf, 1,53 MB)
Issue 03/2015
Road and area markings enhance safety on Chinese expressways (pdf, 1,55 MB)
Issue 02/2015
Colored cycle paths save lives (pdf, 1,98 MB)
Issue 01/2015
Red Box for motorcycles reduces traffic conflict at intersections (pdf, 169,50 KB)
Issue 04/2014
Urbanism creates colorful and safe spaces in Mexico City (pdf, 2,81 MB)
Issue 03/2014
Pompeii and the “3D structured” crosswalk: A model to imitate (pdf, 2,25 MB)
Issue 02/2014
Decreasing accidents on rural roads: a worldwide plan for accident reduction (pdf, 1,39 MB)
Issue 01/2014
Enhanced mobility for the visually impaired (pdf, 146,42 KB)
Issue 04/2013
The city of Syracuse provides safer infrastructure for bicyclists (pdf, 168,22 KB)
Issue 03/2013 - DEGAROUTE® Area Marking - Bike Lane - Syracuse, NY
Pilgrimage town of Gubbio invests in safety (pdf, 3,36 MB)
Issue 02/2013 - DEGAROUTE® Spray Marking - Cost efficient Crosswalks - Gubbio, Italy
Road markings with a long service life (pdf, 1,12 MB)
Issue 01/2013 - BAST Certification - Durability and Safety - Benchmark of Road Marking Technologies
Priority Bus Lanes with Cold Plastic Road Markings (pdf, 3,89 MB)
Issue 05/2012 - DEGAROUTE® Area Marking - Bus Lane - Santiago, Chile
Cold plastic eliminates accident black spots (pdf, 4,16 MB)
Issue 04/2012 - DEGAROUTE® Rumble Strip - Speed Reduction Zone - Eibenstock, Germany
Increasing student safety through color (pdf, 882,19 KB)
Issue 03/2012 - DEGAROUTE® Area Marking - School Zone contrast Crosswalk - Wuzhou, China
Life-cycle assessment of road marking systems (pdf, 756,23 KB)
Issue 02/2012 - Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) - Eco-Friendliness - Sustainability
Sharing the road: Pedestrians (pdf, 1,72 MB)
Issue 01/2012 - DEGAROUTE® Area Marking - Crosswalk - Denver, Colorado
Environmental performance combined with a high contribution to road safety (pdf, 848,42 KB)
Issue 03/2011 - DEGAROUTE® Structure Marking - Wet Night Visibility & Eco-Friendliness - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Safety meets design in Graz, Austria (pdf, 248,94 KB)
Issue 02/2011 - DEGAROUTE® Area Marking - Pedestrian Zone - Graz, Austria
Value for the money indeed (pdf, 200,56 KB)
Issue 01/2011 - Benchmark of Road Marking Systems - Cold Plastic MMA vs. Thermoplastic - Nottingham, UK
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